Funtown Beach / Seaside Park New Jersey

Funtown Beach / What our Visitors Have to Say!

I wanted to share the experience my girlfriend and I had on the fourth of July holiday.
We rented a Cabana and I was told by Mr. John Santarpia that we were the first couple in the history of the world to "EVER" rent a cabana at Funtown beach. I could tell immediately that he had an awesome personality and we were going to have a great day.
The entire beach staff were kind, courteous and professional but I really have to tell you that Kimberle and John stood out and made our holiday beyond enjoyable.
There was nothing too much we could asked for and they both were very attentive to our needs. We're locals and had been in the bar business, which gave us an opportunity to converse with both Kim and John. I can't say enough how fortunate you are to have these two professionals running the beach operations and cabanas for you.
In fact, John was so good, he made me feel I'd be crazy not to purchase season passes for your beach before we left, which I did. We've been back a few times since and although we haven't rented another cabana yet, Kimberle greets us by name and treats us like family!
We feel like we find a gem on the shoreline and look forward to spending the rest of our summer at Funtown Beach.

Thank you again for our new sanctuary!